Dhanush Multi speciality hospital

Founded by Dr Devaraj H Patil, Dhanush Multi speciality hospital has helped thousands of patients get well for the last twenty years, while establishing benchmarks in technology, training, and clinical competence in all multi discipline fields of medicine. Clinical outcomes are among the best in the industry. We attribute this to our structured, scientific approach and highly personalized treatment. A visit to Dhanush Multi speciality hospital, will give you access to the best minds in Clinical evaluation and treatment. Our integrated approach supports patients in their journey, through assessment and diagnosis to counselling and treatment.

It has been our endeavour to provide the best medical treatment for patients all over Bagalkot district and beyond, utilising the latest in technology and specialised treatment options. We at Dhanush Multi speciality hospital, are focused on upgrading our hospital services in line with medical advancements, thereby giving patients access to a whole range of world class clinical services and technology. We continually strive to bring the best treatment for patients through robust clinical protocols and follow up. This ensures better clinical outcomes which are comparable to the best among tertiary care hospitals across the state.

In a world of fast paced development in healthcare sector, awareness and early approach to a specialist is still a concern, we envisage to touch upon each patient and offer them hope. Dr Devaraj Patil’s passion is to translate his knowledge in healthcare as a movement for better patient health and hence decided to create a tertiary care hospital in Bagalkot district to help and serve people from this part of the country. Our vision is to help every patient get best of treatment at affordable cost and with a human touch.

Founded by

Dr. Devaraj H Patil